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RICS Investor Visa Valuations

The UK has a lot of limitations and requirements in respect of non-citizen’s living and working arrangements. As we part of European Union(for the time being) workers from this economic area benefit from what is an internal/single market, which allows free movements of goods, capital, services and most important people. And that’s where we come in.

RICS Capital Gain Tax Valuations

If you bought/own a property (or have share/quota in a property) aside from your home and it’s value increases, when you decide to sell it, you will have to pay tax on the gain. In order to get the Capital Gain Tax report correctly we have to valuate the property at the time you bought it and at the time you sell it. We will help you make sure these valuations are accurate and reasoned so that you pay the correct amount of tax, and nothing more.


RICS Inheritance Tax Valuations

A tax on the value of a person’s estate on death and on certain gifts made by an individual during their lifetime. Source HMRC

Inheritance Tax is the tax that is paid on your ‘estate’ after your death minus any financial obligations that you have. Property is usually a large part of the estate and may take the estate over the property tax threshold. Pinta Investments is well versed in the obligations you have during this difficult time and they can guide you on the process when carrying out the property inheritance tax valuations.

This evaluation will look at the market value of the property, or properties defined under section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984. Firstly it is necessary to submit to the Inland Revenue the market value of any property at the date of death to receive probate.

If an amount is suspiciously low the tax man can challenge this and in 2011-2012, they raised 88 million from ‘adjusting’ property inheritance tax valuations up 18 million from the year before. Source: The Guardian

“When someone dies, any land and buildings they own – or sometimes live in rent-free – are part of their estate for Inheritance Tax. To make sure you get an accurate valuation, you should use a professional valuer. The valuation should reflect the value at the time of death”. Source: HMRC

Let Pinta Investments take away any unnecessary stress regarding any of these subjects. We can offer a quick and accurate turnaround for you to submit to the Inland Revenue. Contact Us now.